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Measurably increase service while reducing cost-per-member. Sophisticated segmentation. Multi-variant digital member websites and apps. Communications management. Seamless Integration.

The growth of digital transformation has brought new challenges to scheme providers as they tackle a general pensions and savings knowledge deficit across an ageing population.

Whilst having a digital strategy is a step forward, educating and boosting member interactions and enticing the adoption of new propositions is needed.

At Aquila Heywood, our Customer Engagement suite enables organisations to engage and interact with their customers across multiple devices and digital channels. It enables you to track customer behaviour, preferences and choices to truly personalise content.

Members can self-serve their life, pensions and investments and see the full picture so they can make more informed decisions.

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How does it work?

Solutions that let you create.

Our Member Self-Service (MSS) digital solutions enable you to deliver engaging dynamic context sensitive communications, personalised to your audience, driven by modern data analytics to better segment your audience to enhance the power of your message.

A range of guidance, advice and modelling tools help get your customers and stakeholders engaged with their finances.

Our Customer Engagement suite enables you to:

  • Transition communications to digital, reducing costs

  • Understand your customers' needs and personalise offerings

  • Build trust and customer loyalty through enhanced interaction across multiple channels

  • Meet the demands of regulators to give all customers the same high level of service


  • Suite of solutions including apps optimised to run on phones, tablets, computers and other devices

  • Analysis to understand customer communication preferences and behaviour

  • Modelling tools enabling members to compare scenarios regarding their finances

  • Customer segmentation tools to truly personalise propositions

  • A content-rich portal with a suite of pre-configured communications

  • Automated guidance and advice solutions to improve outcomes for customers


  • Easily support your customers channel of choice

  • Use customer insights to tailor communications

  • Enable your customers to make informed choices regarding their finances

  • Provide a bespoke service to customers, increasing satisfaction

  • Reduce cost and complexity in managing your customer engagement

  • Create compelling communications without the need for IT involvement

Empowering members across your markets:

  • Improve retention

  • Improve efficiency

  • Increase cross/up-sell opportunities

  • Address FCA KYC requirements

  • Improve intermediary relationships

  • Empower members to actively manage their pensions

  • Increase members' engagement in their retirement

  • Improve members' understanding of the value of their employee benefits

  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs

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We are the largest provider of life, pensions and investment administration systems in the UK and Ireland and the fifth largest in Europe.


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