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The introduction of auto-enrolment, the need to monitor an employer's financial wellbeing and a new The Pensions Regulator (TPR) governance regime is creating new demands on managing the interaction between employers and pension funds.

At Aquila Heywood our Employer Services platform, powered by i‑Connect, helps employers and pension schemes reduce the cost of auto-enrolment and pension administration.

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Improve interactions between employers and pension funds

  • Securely share data

  • Ensure transparency and visibility between parties

  • Produce accurate and timely benefit and annual allowance statements

  • Demonstrate compliance

Meet your auto-enrolment obligations and data submissions

Our Employer Services solution is powered by i-Connect, a low-risk, cost-effective solution that effectively handles all the data interactions between employers and funds.

Data is taken directly from the payroll system, automatically identifying new joiners, opt-outs and leavers and seamlessly generating an extract for submission to the funds/schemes.

All reporting and record-keeping requirements necessary for auto-enrolment are managed within a highly secure, integrated environment.

Automatic production of expected contributions to be received each month per employer ensures rapid reconciliation with incoming payments.

Assessment of the cost of members' early retirement is shared with employers so they can determine viability of potential voluntary release programmes.

Reduce cost and complexity with a simplified servicing model


  • Achieve true, straight-through processing for all employer transactions

  • Identify potential escalations early and mitigate risks

  • Improve reliability of valuations and scheme accounting

  • Improve visibility of pension costs for employers

Our Employer Services solution provides:

  • Single platform for employers and pension fund interactions

  • Automatic identification and processing of all starters, leavers, salary and member data changes

  • Secure straight-through processing to your policy administration platform

  • Automated employer 'on-boarding' process

  • Quick synchronisation of employer payroll and pension fund data

  • Automated processing reminders for employers

  • Comprehensive dashboard and suite of employer-facing reports

What our customers say:

i-Connect allows the Pension Fund to automate a number of our procedures, reducing administration time, while the regular and secure transfer of data has dramatically improved quality.

Steve Lyon Technical Analyst Royal County of Berkshire Pension Fund