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Company Schemes

Increase your level of service to members whilst reducing overall cost-per-member overheads

For administrators of company pension schemes, the ability to adapt to constant change while maintaining quality and standards is critical.

The Freedom and Choice agenda, GMP reconciliation and improved member engagement are all high on the agenda in the next two years, requiring significant effort and experience.

Your company pension scheme is a critical part of your brand.

Our flexible digital platform solutions are designed to help you deliver complete end-to-end scheme administration while adhering to the latest regulatory and governance reporting requirements.

As a fully-scalable solution, you can adapt it to meet the needs of your members, from self-service portals to personalised interactions based on real-time data insights.

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Our Expertise

Aquila Heywood’s end-to-end corporate solutions enable many of Europe’s largest companies to increase their level of service to members easily, while reducing overall cost-per-member overheads. Our platform is designed to ensure future upgrades are low-cost, pain-free and quick to implement.

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