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Making sense of the vast quantities of data in your administration system and turning it into actionable insights is a big challenge. Done right, it could potentially change the way you do business – for the better.

With the right technology, you can use data to your advantage, to better serve members and meet their obligations more effectively.

At Aquila Heywood, we help you gain value from your data, making it easier to access, analyse and interpret key business information to tailor your customer propositions.

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Drive greater value from your data

  • Extract data and discover key insights

  • Create and share interactive reports

  • Monitor key metrics and enhance forecasting capabilities

  • Improve operational business management decision-making

See how we can help solve your data challenges

Improve understanding of your day-to-day operation

Aquila Heywood will work with you to help access the data you need for the priority areas of your business such as operations management, client demographics, regulatory compliance and key KPIs.

Bespoke personalised reports and data extracts from the system enable better day-to-day monitoring, with flexible outputs ensuring you can more easily share key information with your stakeholders in a timely manner.


  • Make more informed decisions based on factual insight

  • Use data to better personalise customer propositions

  • Rapidly address new MI requirements

  • Consolidate reporting

  • Improve communication of KPIs within your operation

  • Improve engagement with customers, employers, trustees and intermediaries