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Making sense of the vast quantities of data in your administration system and turning it into actionable insights is a big challenge. Done right, it could potentially change the way you do business – for the better.

With the right technology, you can use data to your advantage, to better serve members and meet their obligations more effectively and at a lower cost.

At Aquila Heywood, our Business Intelligence suite assists organisations in generating more value from their data.

Our solutions make it easier to access, analyse and interpret key business information in order to tailor propositions for customers.

How does it work?

Our Business Intelligence solution provides a suite of pre-configured reports and dashboards for the priority areas of your business including operations management, client demographics and regulatory compliance, providing easy access to the KPIs you need.

Bespoke, personalised reports and data extracts are also available through the BI tools within the system. Alternatively, our platforms present the data in a form that is easily accessible to your own reporting tools for fully flexible outputs.

Our Business Intelligence suite enables you to:

  • Reduce costs and improve operational service

  • Improve business management through enhanced forecasting capabilities

  • Make more informed decisions based on factual insight

  • Use data to better personalise customer engagement


  • Optimised dashboards for at-a-glance monitoring of Key Performance Indicators

  • Deliver reports and dashboards to key stakeholders including your customers

  • Integration toolkit to access data from across your enterprise or integrate with your existing data warehouse

  • Easy to access reporting layer designed specifically for third party consumption


  • Improve understanding of your day-to-day operation

  • Rapidly address new MI requirements

  • Consolidate reporting

  • Improve communication of KPIs within your operation

  • Improve engagement with customers, employers, trustees and intermediaries

Our Expertise

We are the largest provider of life, pensions and investment administration systems in the UK and Ireland and the fifth largest in Europe.


Deep pensions knowledge and expertise

Rich Functionality

A highly flexible, functionally-rich product

Collaborative Partner

Modern, agile working practices for fast, accurate delivery