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Flexible platforms, data analytics and digital solutions to lead you into the next decade

Our flexible, scalable, data-driven technology solutions ensure you are well placed to communicate, interact with and deliver better value to your customers into the next decade.

The evolving life and pensions industry is witnessing a new set of priorities putting increasing demands on your time, resources and administration systems.

At Aquila Heywood, we understand the importance of access to modern, automated tools that support self-service customer education and engagement, real-time measurable data insights and personalised propositions.

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Aquila Heywood is the indisputable industry leader and the largest provider of life, pensions and investment administration systems in the UK and Ireland – and the fifth largest in Europe.


Deep pensions knowledge and expertise

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A highly flexible, functionally-rich product

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Modern, agile working practices for fast, accurate delivery

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At Aquila Heywood we deliver value-based business transformation through modern, digital platforms and business solutions that help improve service, increase transparency, lower operational cost and maximise value.

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Everything we do is about creating positive experiences for customers that delight

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