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Global Scrum Gathering - Dublin 2017 - Day 3

Paul Lister

Scrum Master

reports on Day Three of this year's Global Scrum Gathering

2 November 2017

So, in my last two blogs I intimated how I got lost in Dublin (metaphorically, with new Scrum and Agile ideas) but found maps, or at least mapmakers, to help me out (Scrum practitioners examining the framework and providing clarity). So now I've found my way home, right?


Let me say that again.


Now, let me explain. Although there were other talks today, I'd like to concentrate on Laura Powers' talk 'Say Yes to No'. By running a series of workshops, Laura helped attendees to understand that there is a temptation simply to say 'Yes' to something, rather than the opposite. The reasons for this are various: fear of being fired, wanting to please and sometimes being just too scared to say it, even if it's the right thing to do, until somebody else does. So should we all just 'cowboy up' and start saying 'No' more?

Well, no.

Because 'No's come in different flavours. There's the 'No, not just yet', as perhaps more information is required to agree. There's 'No not me', where the person being asked is actually the wrong individual to answer the question. If the answer's 'Yes' but the timing is a little off, a 'No, not now' can be given. And there's the just plain 'No' when it is definitely the wrong thing to do.

So the Summary to Laura Powers' talk was that we shouldn't be scared of using 'No' when the circumstances are right. I would go a step further and say that perhaps we shouldn't say 'Yes' until we've considered all the flavours of 'No' that are pertinent to the question.

So when it comes to Scrum and Agile, has this Scrum Gathering helped me find my way home?

I'll let you 'No'.

Paul Lister is a Scrum Master at Aquila Heywood, the largest supplier of life and pensions administration software solutions in the UK.

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