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Sprinting Together

Paul Lister

Scrum Master

invites you to join your local Scrum Alliance group based in Redhill.

12 March 2018

Imagine a race without a finish line. Imagine that it doesn't have a set route and the other competitors are not only trying to pull you back, but occasionally manage to change the direction of the track entirely. Sometimes the corporate world can feel this way. But does it have to?

Both Agile and Scrum have a series of principles and values that mean that the old-fashioned mentality of a staff member being a cog in a machine has changed.

Scrum still promotes values that are product-centric, such as Commitment; a decision made to build a certain amount in a set time. But it also has people-centric values. Openness is a value that encourages transparency, and enables team members to ask and offer help. It lets us admit we were wrong and change direction. And it can let us talk with others to see if they have similar problems and examine how they solved them. Even if they are potentially competitors.

Scrum Alliance

The Scrum Alliance is an organisation that evangelises and coaches the benefits of the Scrum framework. It supports organisations and individuals by providing Scrum content, certifiying individuals in Scrum and encourages the formulation of local communities and events, such as user groups, to create support networks and encourage discussions around Scrum best practice.

At Aquila Heywood, we have formed a group for the Surrey and Sussex area. The purpose of this group is for Scrum practitioners from different companies to share their experiences, offer advice and engage in discussions regarding the framework, with the aim of improving the workplace for all. We tend to meet one evening a month and at present host within the Aquila Heywood company offices.

This is a relatively new group and we are looking to welcome new members and expand. Joining is simple - if your company has adopted an Agile framework like Scrum, why not join us, and we can discuss how we can make the workplace better for everyone?

Scrum Alliance members can join us by searching for the Surrey Agile and Scrum Group on the Scrum Alliance website and selecting the 'join group' option. Non-members can email Paul Lister ( or Gary Lane ( for more information.

Paul Lister is a Scrum Master at Aquila Heywood, the largest supplier of life and pensions administration software solutions in the UK.

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