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CLASS is the largest membership group of Local Government, Police and Fire pension schemes in the UK.

It was formed to allow Public Sector pension schemes to work collaboratively to interpret legislation and share any development costs needed to meet new regulatory changes.

Developed over 40 years, this public / private partnership has created several working parties that collaborate on development priorities, funding needs, software testing and input to changes that meet the needs of CLASS members.

CLASS Working Parties include

The Joint Pensions Group, which focuses on specific legislative challenges and any future software development requirements.

The Testing Working Party, which focuses on testing any new software innovations or changes to ensure they meet the needs of the Group's members.

The User Groups, formed of representatives of the CLASS group, which meet twice a year with Aquila Heywood to identify any additional software functionality requirements, input into the Aquila Heywood product and provide feedback on implemented changes.

The Annual Conference, jointly hosted by Aquila Heywood and CLASS, is held for all members of the CLASS group, providing an opportunity to network, participate in interactive sessions and workshops, hear the latest industry trends and insights and attend the group's AGMs.

As a CLASS group member you can

  • Share the cost of developments, especially for new government regulations and requirements

  • Improve efficiency through reports and tools created by CLASS as required by government and actuarial bodies

  • Access the latest software innovations, test new releases and provide input to changes

  • Network with schemes that use the same system, and face the same industry challenges as you, at a number of hosted events